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NOTE: Explicit music (and instructions) advisory. We do not censor our playlists or instructors. Parents and faint of heart be advised.


8:30-9:30am BARRE with Veronica 

10-11:15am YOGA with Cigall 

12-1pm BARRE  with Ranier 

5:30-6:30pm BARRE with Morgan 

6:45-7:45pm Foundation Training with Kerry 


7:15-8am BARRE with Shane

 9:30-10:30am STRAPS with Veronica 

12-1pm BASICBARRE with Juliana 

 5:30-6:30pm CANDLELIGHT BARRE with Ranier

6:45-7:45pm Floor 1  with Jessica 


8:30-9:30am BARRE with Sadaf 

10-11:15am YOGA with Cigall

12-1pm BARRE with Ranier 

5:30-6:30pm STRAPS with Sadaf


7:15-8am BARRE with Shane

9:30-10:30am STRAPS with Ranier 

12-1pm BASICBARRE with Juliana 

5:30-6:30pm BARRE with Veronica  

6:45-7:45pm Floor 1  with Jessica 


8:00-9:00am BARRE with Sadaf 

9:15-10:15am Foundation Training with Kerry

12-1pm BARRE with Ranier

5:30-6:30pm HAPPY HOUR BARRE with Veronica @ $10 community class


10-11:15am BARRE + YOGA with Ranier

3pm-4pm CARDIOFLEX with Jessica

4-5pm Floor 1 with Jessica 


10-11:15am VINYASA YOGA SERIES with Josh**

12-1pm PIRATE BARRE with Sadaf @ $10 community class

     + EXPLICIT ADVISORY. Pirate Barre has very explicit music and explicit cuing. This is our most rowdy class. Be advised. 

**Class has special pricing, please see class description

Class descriptions:

BARRE: A 60min dive into exquisite control. Small isometric and micro movements challenge and tone the entire body while focusing the mind and honing the mind-body connection into an art form. Low impact but challenging. T+T Barre is all about balance in the most intense sense of the word; we balance our micro movements with larger flush moves. Body benefits: long, lean, dense musculature (think dancers body), improved movement, alignment, and body control. Spirit benefits: great for people wanting better mental focus and deeper connection with their bodies (also generally just a pretty fun time).


BARRE + YOGA: A 45-minute strengthening, toning, and booty-kicking barre workout followed by 30 minutes of stretching and yoga. This class is the perfect way to lengthen out your sore muscles and get some more relaxing and stretch time. 


STRAPS:  A fun and challenging class done on the RIP60/TRX straps with your body weight. In this class you will work your muscles hard, refine your movement, get your heart rate up, and never get bored. This class is fast and challenging but that should not discourage any newcomers, T+T straps is a nice balance between upper and lower body and will leave you feeling sore and happy. 


PIRATE BARRE: Based on our Barre class, Pirate Barre involves cardio intervals that kick your butt and leave you smiling. This class is our rowdiest, most cardio intensive and sweaty class. Our Pirate Barre instructors come with a lot of energy and keep the class engaged with wild and explicit cues and unrestrained encouragement. Come ready to laugh.  + EXPLICIT ADVISORY. Pirate Barre has explicit music and explicit cuing. This is our most rowdy class. Be advised. 


CANDLELIGHT BARRE: Also based on our Barre class, candlelight barre will be done, as the name suggests, with candlelight! This class is perfect for cozy evenings that promote a stay-in-bed attitude as opposed to our usual workout attitudes. The class will be slightly slower than usual but just as challenging.


HAPPY HOUR BARRE: Meet us at the barre for happy hour! Skip the cocktails (or just save them for later!) and come enjoy this rowdy and rigorous classic T+T Barre class. Let the week go as we dive deep into small micro movements balanced with larger flushing movements designed to give your entire body a workout that will last you until Monday. 


BASICBARRE: Description coming soon!


FLOOR 1: A total body workout from head circles all the way down to pointed toes. Get ready to unleash your inner goddess. Class will break down fundamental feminine dance movements that tap into your hips and pelvis. Learn how to explore getting comfortable with your inner feminine being. 


CARDIOFLEX: Improve muscle flexibility, strength, and health. Class focus is on increasing flexibility and conditioning through a mix of dynamic, static, and active stretching. Light cardio warmup followed by the best of dance conditioning, stretching, yoga, and Pilates. 


VINYASA SERIES: Join Josh Schrei for Eight Sundays of Vinyasa Yoga practice in May and June at the newly renovated and freshly awesome Temple + Tribe space. These 90-minute classes will feature vibrant posework and a focus on the deep pulse of breath in practice and how it connects us to center. Tell your friends and let's breathe together! $20 drop in or $125 for all eight classes. 


FOUNDATION TRAINING: Explore the Fundamentals of Foundation! 18 template exercises designed to recruit your muscle chains to work with one another while decompressing your spine, all while utilizing and expanding your breath. Complacent adaptation will become a posture of your past as you re-purpose your posterior chain and engage your core in it's restoration and strengthening to more functional movement patterns. A powerful workout... at your depth and with your engaged awareness. 

Our policies:

+ Please bring your own mat!

+ Please arrive on time or early to class. Spots in our classes are first given to those who signed in online and show up on time. Drop-ins will be given spots second. A spot reserved online will be forfeited at class starting time and given to a drop-in if the class is full. 

+ Class passes are transferrable but not refundable. Failure to show up for a class reserved online or cancel within the 8 hour cancellation window forfeits that purchase and/or will be deducted from your class pass. For those with unlimited month or contract passes failure to cancel within the 8 hours allotted with result in an $8 no show fee. 

+ Clients may cancel up to 8 hours prior to the start of a class without penalty. Cancellation within the 8 hours prior to the start of class or no-shows to class forfeits that purchase and/or will be deducted from your class pass.  


First Class at Temple+Tribe: $8


First week unlimited pass (with NM drivers license): $20

Community Classes: $10

Single Drop-in Class: $17

Ten Class Pass (lasts 1 year): $140

Five Class Pass (lasts 6 months): $75

Single Month Unlimited: $160

Student special: $10 drop in or $100 month unlimited (must be purchased in studio)

Reoccurring Monthly Unlimited: $135 (minimum of a 3 month contract)

Personal Training: $85 single session, $75ea for 5+. For more information on personal training with Ranier Wood please contact us

Private Lessons (Barre or Straps): $50 per session To schedule a private session with Veronica Monroe please contact us

Please be aware that we only allow class cancellations up to 8 hours prior.

 Body weight suspension training on the RIP60 straps.

Body weight suspension training on the RIP60 straps.

I can’t begin to say how wonderful Temple+ Tribe is. Ranier is a rare find. Someone who understands how bodies work and how to make them more efficient, and doing it all with a great attitude, sense of humor, and really good tunes. The focus is on strengthening muscles intelligently without bulk. I’ve taken barre classes at some of the big studios in NYC like Pure Barre and Exhale, and T+T tops them all. It is not a cookie-cutter class and almost feels as if you are doing a personal training session that just happens to have 20 other people in the room:) Fun, focused, fast paced, and a challenge for any fitness level.
— SW, Manhattan, NY
If you want a great butt and great arms, this is the class for you. Ranier is an amazing instructor with a great personality! Before moving here from VA, I was addicted to barre and thought I would never find a replacement. Ranier’s version is so much better. She focuses on your entire body and it is an intense 60 minute workout that is fast paced at times with great music to motivate you. The results I’ve seen in after only two months (4 classes a week) are amazing. I’ve lost eight pounds, have so much more energy and I’m finally getting the legs I’ve always wanted. I always leave class feeling energetic and looking forward to the next session.
— SG, Santa Fe, NM
TEMPLE+TRIBE offers incredible classes with teachers who will kick your butt and make you laugh while they do it... My abs got twice the workout from laughing so hard WHILE doing suspended core exercises.
— HC, Santa Fe, NM
Ranier has created a workout that is grueling enough for the very fit and welcoming and inclusive for those wanting to start to get fit. Don’t be shy to come and join us for an efficient, fun workout. Get ready to sweat and groan in any of the classes designed to sculpt and strengthen our bodies! You’ll walk out an hour later feeling great and wanting to go back for more.
— AO, Santa Fe, NM
My first barre class at Temple+Tribe was amazing! The instructor really knew the body and how to get you to work out muscles you didn’t even know were there. The music and mood were fun and upbeat, and everyone in the class was super friendly. After the class, I felt sore in all the right places, and I had lots of energy and range of motion. This workout is the perfect compliment to cycling and skiing, because it works on strength and flexibility.
— DB, San Francisco, CA