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Summer Booty Challenge JUNE 13 - JULY 22

In celebration of summer and as an extra motivational kick to help everyone have the best summer in their bodies possible, we are launching the SUMMER BOOTY CHALLENGE. The Goal? 6 weeks, and 24 (or more!) classes at TEMPLE+TRIBE. In honor of this challenge, we are adding a 6 week BOOTYCAMP classes in the mornings and BARREBOOTY CAMP in the evenings (tho all scheduled classes are included in the #challenge). Not only that, but challengers get 15% off of ANY (and as many) Santa Fe Thrive classes as they'd like throughout the 6 weeks. The classes that challengers take at Santa Fe Thrive will also count toward the 24 bootycamp classes so let the T+T instructors know when you take a Thrive class.