REBOOT PROTOCOLS® (aka The Healthy MFer) is now available! PRE-SALE January 1-8th 2014 ONLY! Get SOME! :) PS don't you LOVE this freeze frame? hahahah Watch the video to learn more about these protocols I have been developing over the last four years (and to get to make my face stop looking like that ;). -Ranier


Each protocol consists of a batch of supplements, a diet protocol, and a few other tips and tricks (sent as you go). The supplements are designed to be low fuss and easy to take (as possible) and you decide before you begin your 'diet level' that you commit to stick to throughout your 21 or 30 reboot.


All Levels include emphasis on: fresh veggies, quality fat, and clean sourced animal protein (optional). Small amounts of organic (preferably raw and or grass fed) dairy allowed for levels 1 and 2. Grass-fed Butter allowed for all levels (yey!). Extra credit points for every time you include: fermented veggies (sauerkraut, kimchi, etc), dark leafy greens, sprouted grains and beans (level 1 and 2 only), fermented grass-fed dairy (levels 1 and 2 only), bone broth (traditionally prepared soup stock), and organic organ meats (yikes! but so good for you;).

Level 1

Eating: all of the above

Avoiding: Gluten, corn, sugars (including artificial sweeteners), and alcohol*

Level 2

Eating: all of the emphasized foods above + veggies, legumes, quinoa, root veggies (sweet potatoes, parsnips etc), butter and natural oils, and clean sourced animal proteins (ideally grass fed, organic, and free range if and when possible).

Avoiding: All grains (wheat, barley, rice, corn, spelt etc.), unfermented soy products, sugars, and alcohol*

Level 3

Eating: loads of veggies, fats (including butter), and clean sourced animal protein

Avoiding: all grains (wheat, barley, rice, corn, spelt etc.), starches (including starchy root veggies like sweet potatoes and white potatoes), sugars, and alcohol*

* people can usually get away with one glass of red wine a night, although eliminating alcohol completely is encouraged.

More info, videos, and recipes will be posted to the blog as we go along... :)

A little video explaining the exciting new REBOOT Protocols® from Ranier Wood and TEMPLE+TRIBE. After years of trying products and consulting wisemen and women we came up with three protocols to reboot your system and get on the path to optimal. The REBOOT Protocols® consist of a collection of supplements that we find to be the best of the best (from a few different brands), a diet protocol (with varying levels of commitment), and a few other tips and tricks to deeply nourish your body and start to feel amazing. On sale from January 1-8th ONLY. More info at:

FAQs VIDEO (see below). Will I lose weight? Will I s&*t my pants? Which one is right for me?? All this and more in the video below...