Winter Booty Challenge

January 1 - February 15

In celebration of the New Year and as an extra motivational kick to help everyone have the best relationship with their bodies in 2018, we are launching the second WINTER BOOTY CHALLENGE. The Goal is to get 20 (or MORE) classes at TEMPLE+TRIBE in 4 weeks. All classes at Temple+Tribe count toward your 20 and we will help you keep track with a special Booty Challenger card at the studio. Passes will be staggered with the earliest activation dates being Jan1 - Feb 1 and the latest possible activation being Jan 15-Feb 15.

More information: 


+ Passes may be purchased in studio through an instructor at any time before January 15th.

For $95 Booty Challengers get a 4 WEEK UNLIMITED PASS (includes all classes), a limited edition prize upon completion, lots of support from the Tribe, and a great booty.

If you already have a pass with us, we can pause it for the month so that you can participate in the challenge with a lower priced pass. 

+ Check out our NEW YEAR SCHEDULE with classes on Tuesday and Thursday at noon, Sundays at 9:30, and Floor Dance with Jessica Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays to help Booty Challengers make their goal. 

+ Please be sure to sign up for classes ahead of time. During our previous Booty Challenges nearly all of our classes were full! Save your spots! 


Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.