Q: I'm new and fairly out of shape, are TEMPLE+TRIBE classes welcoming to beginners? How much support is there?

A: The beauty of our barre classes is that they are as hard as you make them. All of the exercises can be modified. Let the instructor know that you are a beginner and they will help you with anything. And feel free to take as many breaks as you need throughout the classes until you feel comfortable but still challenged.  Our studio is known for its challenging classes, however, everyone starts somewhere, and our classes are usually a mix of all levels. As you might imagine, your first couple classes will generally be the hardest and/or most foreign feeling as your body is learning the movements and the style of exercise (it's VERY different!), however, the better you get at it the deeper you can go, and this is some of the beauty of barre.

The straps/TRX classes are a bit harder to modify and more cardiovascular based than barre but you can always take breaks. Floor and yoga classes are welcome to all levels and abilities (floor classes are for WOMEN only).


Q: Can I just show up to a class or do I need to sign in ahead of time? What do I bring to a class? 

A: You can absolutely show up to a class without signing in ahead of time. However, we recommend that you do SIGN UP so that you reserve your spot. You can sign up by clicking on a class time on our classes page and following the steps to sign in via MindBody. Spots in our classes are first given to those who signed in online and show up on time. Drop-ins who arrive on time will be given spots second. A spot reserved online will be forfeited at class starting time and given to a drop-in if the class is full. If you are new and decide to just show up to a class, please come about 5-10 minutes early so we can sign you in. Please bring your own mat, plenty of water and a sweat towel if you so desire. We provide the equipment (i.e. balls, weights, straps) as well as mat cleaner. You do not need a special type of shoe for barre or straps/TRX - we work out barefoot! 


Q: How often do I need to come to classes?

A: As often as you can! It all depends on your goals and your schedule. You can come as infrequently as once a week, but the difficulty will likely remain the same each week and you may feel as if you've started over each time. We think that a good minimum is about three classes a week, given that your schedule permits this. TEMPLE+TRIBE offers a variety of classes and we recommend trying all of them to work your body in different ways. 


Q: I have some injuries, can I still come to a TEMPLE+TRIBE class?

A: Absolutely - within reason. If we are ever doing an exercise that might cause you pain you can modify, take a break or perform a different exercise altogether. Let the instructor know about your pain or injuries before class so that they are aware throughout the class and can help with modifications. We have found barre to be incredibly beneficial for many body types and injury recovery period, however, only you know your body, and your injuries and your body are ultimately your responsibility. Please make sure you have your doctor's consent to exercise and don't be afraid to ask for help when needed!


Q: Am I too old to take classes at TEMPLE+TRIBE?

A: We welcome students of any age and our students range in age from about 15-70 years old. If you feel capable enough to make it through most of a class we would love to work out with you! All of the exercises are optional and can be modified. Our goal is to make you feel good in your body and to help you enjoy working out, whatever level or age you are. 

If you have any questions that are not answered above please contact us! We'd love to hear from you.